The Thanksgiving Mistake

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I think many of us make the Thanksgiving Mistake.  It is this mistake that affects whether or not we are truly thankful.  I believe strongly that one of the essentials to a healthy relationship is gratitude.  Think about it, do you have a good relationship with anyone that you aren’t regularly thankful for?  Think about the closest relationships in your life…do they know you are thankful for them?  Do you know they are thankful for you?  


The thanksgiving mistake is being only as thankful as you feel.  I know this is counter-intuitive, but hang with me. Most people assume thankfulness is how you feel when someone does something nice or good toward you.  Although that is not entirely false it is certainly not complete.  Sometimes the good deeds of another produce feelings of thankfulness, other times we miss it, forget or it gets lost in everything else. When we limit our thankfulness to the level at which we feel thankful we will always rob our most valued relationships.  Our feelings will inevitably favor our selfish side.  This is especially true in our relationship with God.  He has done so many great things yet, if we are only thankful when we feel like it we may miss some wonderful moments to praise God and instead hand Him another list of “to dos” so your life can improve.  This life is riddled with so many negatives that without conscience effort we will gravitate toward complaining even though there is ample reason to be thankful.   

How are things in your family?  How about your marriage?  So, you had a little spat with your spouse the other day, can you still be thankful for them?  Can you be thankful TO them?  If you hesitate to be thankful you are proving that you are only thankful when things are going your way – isn’t that selfish?    Thankfulness is a choice.  It is one we MUST make whether we feel like it or not.  No matter how difficult life is or has been choose to be thankful. Are you making the Thanksgiving Mistake?   

I hope this makes sense. AS

Posted by Andy Savage at 3:21 PM
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