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Christmas is ultimately about Mercy.  Mercy is NOT getting what we clearly deserve.  Christmas is the story of God doing what He did not have to do.  He sent us a Savior, His only Son to be born of a virgin in Bethlehem.  This child was the actual, physical proof of God’s mercy.  Everything we celebrate during the Christmas season: Love, Peace, Joy, family, food, goofy Christmas sweaters, etc. are all built on the foundation of God’s mercy. Without God’s great move to show sinners (you and me) mercy, we would have no love to sing about, no peace in this world, no joy to speak of…nothing.  Have you received God’s mercy?  I believe also that God’s great move of mercy toward us came with an agenda to instill mercy in us.  Are you merciful?  Does your heart fill with compassion towards others in need as God was compassionate toward you? When we trust in Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we receive a call to become a person of Mercy.  It’s part of the Christianity package.  The Mercy toward us, becomes mercy in us and then becomes mercy through us.  Mercy, when it is finished, will always come through you.  


Where will you show mercy this Christmas?  Is there someone who needs mercy from you?  I pray this Christmas will be marked by mercy.   I hope this makes sense.  AS

Posted by Andy Savage at 2:36 PM
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