My appendectomy

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Monday afternoon I started having severe pain in my abdomen.  After blaming Milano’s pizza for my troubles I find out I’m showing all the signs of appendicitis.  To make a long story short – I went to the ER and got a CAT scan confirming the appendicitis and was taken back for immediate surgery.  Needless to say, this was totally unexpected and the timing was terribly inconvenient.  So, why do these things happen?  I wish I had that answer – I’d write a book and be a zillionaire!   I cant explain definitively why God allows/causes these things but I will share some things I’ve learned so far…  
God uses people. 
Dr. Justin Monroe is in my small group and he was my first call, I just wanted to run my symptoms by him and get a professional opinion on what I should do.  He was more than gracious.  He gladly took my repeated calls and advised me to go to the ER.  Then to my surprise he comes walking in the ER wearing his white coat and breaking all the rules to ensure I was treated well and quickly. What a God send!  I was completely at ease with him there and watched him spend the entire night at the hospital to perform my surgery and then stay to work a full day following.  In addition, the rest of my small group, immediately organized food and care for my family, and me; we are truly blessed.  Thank you Lord for using people in my life…I am not self-sufficient…I need Your Church.

Our lives are not our own. 
When something like this happens I am reminded again the unavoidable truth that no matter what you believe…your life is not your own.  There are some things we just can’t control.  I believe God is in charge of all of life.  In situations like these I think it is crucial that we be reminded of God’s power and control and in faith rest in knowing all God’s ways are good, even if they don’t seem so good for us.  We serve a holy God – all His ways are holy.  God thank you for your presence and activity in my life – especially those things that don’t make sense, your are stretching my faith, something I consistently need.

Down time. 
I hear my mom’s voice ringing in my ear.  My whole life my mom has been the one always trying to make sure I’m not over doing it…maybe she’s right.  If nothing else this inconvenience is forcing me to sit, think, pray and rest. We all need down time but we live in a culture that does not support such a lifestyle. We are all pulled by the demands of life. In ministry I am particularly pulled by “urgent” needs that seem valid reasons for running hard and avoiding down time.  Thank you Lord for causing me to rest.  I am reminded that I am not anyone’s savior; maybe I need to rest and let THE Savior minister to me.  

There are always more lessons to learn.  I pray we all embrace God’s activity in the good, bad and painful.  I pray this all makes sense.  AS
Posted by Andy Savage at 11:39 AM
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