Satan's New Year's Resolutions for 2010

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I got to thinking about my New Year's resolutions and had the thought that Satan probably also makes a list.  This is specifically for my world at Highpoint Church - but a great reminder to us all!


Satan's top 10 New Year's resolutions for Highpoint Church in 2010...

1. Stop people from reading the Bible, journaling, praying or any other spiritual disciplines. Jack with people’s Priority Time.


2. Keep people from finding friends – cause another season of migrating around to different churches in search of a home; keep people spiritually homeless. 


3. Keep people from worship - make them feel too embarrassed to sing or raise hands.  Create lots of distractions to keep the church at 2x per month attendance remember no consistency means no real effect of God's truth.


4. Mess with staff unity - hey it worked like a champ before!  Just start with gossip and watch the snowball grow!


5. Busyness, the one-size fits all temptation for Christians.  Get them doing too much.  Humans are suckers for finding their value from doing things.


6. Don't allow any new people to serve...the old standbys will do too much and get jaded and the newcomers will become totally apathetic.  


7. Stir up relapse for those in recovery, then add guilt, then condemnation, until they feel totally unworthy of God’s love and then tell them the only way to make it all better is another hit.


8. Uproot every marriage possible - with one marriage you can destroy the man and the woman, their kids (if the divorce is ugly enough you could get the kids’ future marriages too), extended family and many of their friends - even church members if their friends take sides!


9. Convince the growing Christians that they have arrived - if they keep getting equipped they will become soldiers for Christ - make sure they seek comfortable, "civilian" lives.


10. Stop all vision.  Make people focus on here and now or better yet…yesterday.  Under no circumstances allow the Church to look ahead toward the high calling in Jesus Christ!

Posted by Andy Savage at 3:40 PM
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