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I constantly hear Christian leaders today challenge the Church to take up the call of social justice…and I totally agree. However, I do not hear the outcry for justice for the unborn.  I live in Shelby County, home of Memphis, TN and 9000 annual abortions.  That comes out to more than 1 abortion every hour.  This is appalling.  Not only are 9000 children refused a chance at life but there are as many post-abortive women now struggle with guilt, depression and physical consequences of their choice.  I am convinced that the Church MUST speak up.  Are we too afraid of the political implications?  Are we excited about the social justice platform because it makes us feel good about ourselves and gains us the applause of culture?  Standing up for the rights of the unborn is politically and culturally unpopular.  I expect this blog to be condemned by people defending a pro-choice stance and make me out to be a religious zealot who has been duped by right-winged, religious fanaticism.  Please know I don’t argue for pro-life from a political standpoint – I argue pro-life from a Biblical standpoint. 

The words of Jesus in Luke 9:23 “Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”  I believe that those who claim to follow Jesus must recognize that we must deny ourselves to uphold God’s purposes and plans.  Our lives are for His service.  Do we have a choice?  YES – however our commitment to Christ is bringing our choices under His leadership.  The Bible is clear that murder is a sin (Exodus 20:13) or a clear “missing of the mark” of God’s intent.  In addition Psalm 139:13-14 presents God’s authorship of life assuming the intentional work of God in the creating of every person.  This clearly exposes the innate value placed within every human life from the moment of conception.  When we stand for the value of life at every stage from conception to old age we stand on the side of God.  We are also not allowed to turn our “pro-life” stance into a platform to judge others of differing views.  We must uphold God’s truth without compromise and still offer patience and kindness to those who differ.  I would never advocate a judgmental or hateful response to those who take a pro-choice view.  I must disagree but never allow my stance on one truth (pro-life) to cause the breaking of another truth (love my neighbor or in some cases love my enemies). 

In all this I fear that Bible-believing Christians have abdicated the burden of the unborn to the political process instead of personal conviction.  God forgive our apathy.  Forgive our arrogance.  Forgive our murder.  May we never forget the ultimate act of preserving human life through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This is the reason we stand for life today.  Nothing can explain God’s care for human life like the cross of Jesus.


I hope this makes sense.  AS

Posted by Andy Savage at 8:12 AM
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