Snow Day

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“Snowprise” or “Snowbody saw this coming” or my personal favorite… “Snow-child left behind!”  That’s the story here in Memphis as of early this morning.  We woke up to a whiteout.  The kids are of school and it’s winter hysteria here!  

This kind of scenario (at least in Memphis) is very rare and triggers a “must-play-in-snow” reaction.  We bundled up our crew and braved the cold “manna” from Heaven.  You name it we did it… Snow fort…check!  Show ball fight…check!  “Snow angels are for girls”…check!  Tromping all over our yard…check!  Make a snowman and immediately destroy it like the cold enemy he is…check!  Well, as you can see we have boys, but we have fun.   

As I was scooping up the slushy snow off the driveway in to a small trash can, which served as the mold for the “bricks” of our snow fort, I had this thought… “How often will this happen in my kids lives?”  The truth is we don’t get much snow and the snow we do get is rarely good enough to play in.  My guess is at best this happens once a year (and in Memphis that’s being generous).  By the time you take out the years the kids are just too small to do much in the snow and the teenage years when they are too cool to play in the snow with mom or dad; you’re only left with 10-12 times.  This is mind blowing.  I only have 10-12 days like today with my boys. I hope and pray parents across our city took advantage of this truly God-given opportunity to connect with their kids.  These are the days we simply cannot afford to miss.  These are the kind of days that purchase relationship for every other day.   

I know not every parent can just take off from work – I am blessed with that flexibility.  I do hope parents will consider the benefits of simple blessings like snow days to make the most of time with their kids.  

If I could accomplish anything with this simple blog entry it would be to inspire parents (even just a little) to engage their kids a little more; to be a little more proactive as a parent; to be “head’s up” and make the most of every day God gives you with your kids.  I could write much more…but my kids are out of school and there is much to do!   I hope this makes senses.  AS

Posted by Andy Savage at 3:06 PM
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