Lessons from the desert

I spent the week at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. For the middle of nowhere it's a beautiful place. This was the setting for the CLASS Christian writer's conference. This experience was an eye-opener for a young writer like me. Here are my lessons learned in the desert...

1. Writing is a calling. I would never be a writer unless this was absolutely a calling and mission from God. The writing and publishing process is so challenging you better know why you are doing this. I believe more than even God has given me a message to give through writing.

2. Humility is essential. The encouragement I received this week reminded me the need for humility. This is more about God than Andy. This is for His fame not mine.

3. I need people. I cannot accomplish God's best alone. I met some great people this week who were willing to loan me their credibility, encourage my ideas and offer creative input. There are people all around me invested in my ministry that are critical to success. The greatest of which is my wife who courageously cared for three boys for five days while I was away. I do not do this alone.

4. Writing means listening. Every writers out there will tell you that to be a writer you must write every day. For me this is more than slugging out a bunch of words to meet deadlines but seeking God's words daily to come through me. I must depend on the Holy Spirit's voice and listen.

5. Creativity is hard work. The lie many people believe about creativity is that it "just happens." Not true. Many of the most creative ideas come after hours and hours of fighting with a concept until you get the best idea.

These lessons and I'm sure many more will continue to challenge me to answer this call to write. I hope you will read!
Posted by Andy Savage at 8:49 PM
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