Are you waiting on Christmas?

 During the Christmas season we often overlook what seem to be peripheral characters in the Advent story.  One of those characters is Simeon.  For Simeon Christmas was not so much a beginning but a long awaited ending. Simeon for a significant part of his life had a promise from God that he would not die until he had seen the Messiah with his own eyes. Simeon lived his life looking forward to God fulfilling His promise. He didn't quit. He didn't lose hope. He didn't doubt the faithfulness of God. He waited. And waited, and waited. Through his patient obedience to go to God's temple every day and wait for God's promise God orchestrated a Divine appointment and Simeon received the Good News. Simeon's story is found in Luke 2:22-32

The truth is we are all waiting on God for something. Today, there is a family from our church waiting for God to deliver a miracle at the hospital for a beloved husband and father.  There are countless singles waiting for God to deliver that long awaited spouse.  There are many waiting for God to orchestrate a new job...or any job.  What are you waiting for?  You have an option. You can live a discouraged and defeated life of doubting God's ability or concern for you or you can wait patiently for the Lord, remain faithful to him and hold on to hope in a promise keeping God.  My prayer is that you will be Simeon this Christmas. 

Listen/watch as Andy speaks about Simeon in the series, Savior - Good News for the Naughty and Nice.

Posted by Andy Savage at 11:12 AM
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