My wife is HOT.

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday. And no I will not reveal her age even if you ask me 35 times. I have recently noticed the jokes on Twitter about pastors, especially those Acts 29 guys always referring to their wives as “hot” or number of other romantic superlatives.  I can definitely see the cheesy-ness of this and at the same time would rather read pastors praising their wives than not. Also, I realize that my wife reads my blog (maybe my only faithful reader) so for the record…my wife is hotter than your wife.

Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD. (NIV)”

I think it is vitally important for men, especially those of us in roles of spiritual leadership to model this principle in our lives. I realize not all men agree with this Proverb and my have the scars to prove it! However, the point remains that a wife is a “good thing” from God and a means of God’s favor in our lives as husbands. With our wives I think it is important to consider some practical ways to treat our wives in light of this verse.

1. Believe the best about her. This means resisting the urge to be critical or skeptical of her motives. It means believing in her as she grows and matures through life. It means actually believing you have a “good thing” in her.

2. Speak the best about her. NO ONE should speak more highly of a woman than her husband. We must look for opportunities to bless her with our words in her presence and when she is away; in private and in public. (No you don’t have to be an Acts 29 pastor to do this.)

3. Look for the best from her. God will use a wife to bless or give favor to a husband. We should be looking for God’s favor to come through our wives. We need to pay attention (look and listen) to our wives for God’s direction, conviction and favor.

4. Give your best to her. Husbands you ought to be the “lead servant” in your home. You should look for ways to give your best to your wife. Don’t give her your leftover energy; give her your best. This applies also to your character when she is not around. Giving your best is never an “act” it is a genuine servant-spirit toward your wife.

I am personally still learning in each of these. Even as I write them I am convicted of ways I fail in each one. I have a long way to go as a husband. I am thankful to God for my wife and the favor she brings my life and the lives of my boys. Happy Birthday babe.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 9:06 AM
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