I Want Atmosphere.

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My wife suggested we have a date night, so I made a few suggestions based on the gift cards I knew we had. I began with a personal favorite, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. We so rarely get to enjoy a place like this, and we had a gift card! She declined. I then offered another great steakhouse, Fleming’s, where we also had a gift card. She declined. It’s not all the time you have two gift cards in your possession to such nice places! Then I decided I’d step down to some places where we have partial gift cards – you know the left over amount you cant remember. “Chili’s?” “No.”  “How about Outback,” I said, “no,” she said. Now I’m getting nervous because I know there’s a few bucks left on an Olive Garden card, and things were getting desperate, so I pray, “God please help us!”

Suddenly she declared, “I want atmosphere!”  You have to understand that living with my wife is kinda like living with Dave Ramsey.  I thought I was simply doing my duty to honor our budget and utilize the low cost options via gift cards…and hopefully a nice filet mignon. But this time things were different. She was pregnant, home with three kids all day and she wanted atmosphere! We made our way to a nice little place in Midtown Memphis called the Beauty Shop, an old beauty shop converted into a restaurant, which so happens to offer…atmosphere.

Marriage requires flexibility. Our selfishness fights against flexibility with our spouse because flexing means we won’t get our way or at least not everything we expected.  So, we cling to rules and try to ensure our expectations are protected. A God-honoring marriage requires us to die to our selfishness. Your willingness to be flexible with your spouse will strengthen your relationship and understanding of one another. Remaining flexible allows you to see the small but important opportunities to bless your spouse. Who knows, you might discover a little atmosphere along the way.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 10:10 AM
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