Regular Guy, Strange Name, Wise Words


This week someone sent me a quote from a guy in our church. His name is Stein Lee. Yea, it’s a strange name. He was named after a German Olympic skier from the ‘50s. But the quote was worth passing along to you…

“What the world calls a ‘man cave’ is for boys. The true ‘man cave’ is the prayer closet. This is where men do their greatest work.”

One of the greatest challenges in the Christian life, at least in my Christian life, is the call to pray. It seems like everyone struggles in their prayer life and we all feel a little guilty about it.

This past Sunday, I taught a message directed to men as part of the Hero series on this very topic. I made the assertion that trusting God is most revealed in our prayer life. All the church-goers I know say they trust God but rarely find that trust expressed in consistent and persistent prayer.

I’ve been doing a lot of study on Biblical manhood and it seems that one of the greatest hurdles for men in their walk with God is the pressure to feel “man-enough.” Our society has conditioned us to believe that being a “real man” is about self-sufficiency and independence. However, these are qualities that God has no place for. These qualities that seem to make men successful in virtually every area of life become a serious handicap in developing a vibrant relationship of faith in God.

In the Christian life, prayer is essential and central, not peripheral and optional. In fact, the Christian life is marked by a word we don’t hear as much as we need to these days…Lordship. Jesus is our Lord, which means He is our master, leader, boss, etc. Prayer is one if not THE primary way we declare Jesus as Lord. Remember the Roman centurion that approached Jesus in Matthew 8? His servant was sick and he could not fix the problem.  This “man’s” man was facing a circumstance he could not control or fix. His response was remarkable – he came to Jesus and asked for His help. Jesus very simply said, “ok” (Andy’s paraphrase). This centurion goes on to show just how deep his faith in Jesus was by declining Jesus’ offer to come to his house and heal this servant. Instead, he appeals to Jesus’ ability to do the impossible and heal by simply giving the word! This is remarkable faith – even Jesus thought so.

Men, specifically allow me to encourage you to make it part of your “manhood” vision to be a man of prayer. Pray with your wife, with your kids, and as you start the day. Pray before that important meeting. Maybe even redefine your idea of a “man-cave” as that place you go to trust God in prayer.

To watch or listen to this message on “Trusting God,” click here.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 3:15 PM
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