One Thing Your Marriage Needs

In every marriage there is a secret knowledge. Well, maybe not so secret, but a knowledge that you have about your spouse. Sure, maybe a few others know it, but it's a knowledge that carries power in your relationship. I call it the "one thing." There is one thing your spouse loves. This one thing could be anything, but it is specific to your spouse, and it is probably not the same thing for both of you. Perhaps it's having dinner in a special restaurant, a surprise gift for no reason or recognizing their accomplishments. The list could go on and on. 

What is your spouse's "one thing?" The funny thing is, you don't have to think really hard - you already know what it is! Here's the challenge: do it! Do the one thing. Go out of your way to bless your spouse. You know one thing for sure, they will love it. So often in marriage we do things because we hope to get something in return. This is not God's plan for marriage. God wants us to learn that the path to a healthy marriage is paved with giving; no strings attached. 

Why do you hesitate to bless your spouse? Why would you not want to do the "one thing?" I assure you that nearly every answer you come up with for avoiding this kind of giving is purely selfish on your part. Maybe you are afraid they will expect more? Maybe you fear not being recognized or rewarded for what you've done? Maybe you are simply waiting for your spouse to do it first and then you will give in return?

Lay your selfishness aside and do the "one thing" this week, if possible. Do it more than once if possible. Go out of your way to bless and honor your spouse!

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Posted by Andy Savage at 8:00 AM
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