Were You Born on Third?

Not long ago, I was talking with someone who was sharing some of their life journey with me, and they began to apologize that their "testimony" of faith was not that exciting. You see, they were born in a Christian home.

Just like my friend, we have all heard the wonderful testimonies of people who have been through "Hell on earth" and experienced the radical salvation of Jesus in the midst of their crisis. I am moved every time I hear those stories; however, lately I have a renewed respect for the testimony that begins with, "I was born in a Christian home..." In my line of work, I hear so many stories that show again and again the destructive power of sin and the pain people have to live through to recognize their need for Jesus. I long to hear more testimonies of people born in a Christian home - it's the way things were meant to be.

Like my friend, I was born in a Christian home. I like to tell people I was "born on third," as in third base in baseball. Baseball teams love to see their runners on third base because they know they are very close to crossing home plate and scoring points. In life, being born in a Christian home is like being on third base. Because of the faithfulness of your parents and others, you were afforded the opportunity to bypass the work and struggle of getting on base and safely arriving on third. What a privilege! Imagine if batters in baseball were allowed to skip the process of stepping up to the plate, facing an opposing pitcher, actually getting a hit, getting on base and working their way around the diamond. If you were born in a Christian home, you have a great privilege and a great responsibility - you are expected to do well. You are expected to contribute and keep our "team" winning!

I am the beneficiary of parents and grandparents that passed down a legacy of faith in Jesus and obedience to Scripture. This faithfulness put me way ahead in life. I was given a great gift that may not sound dramatic, but it is no less a story of God's great mercy and grace! God spared me from experiencing the pain that sin brings into so many people's lives.

If you were "born on third," I hope you will not apologize for your testimony. Be grateful to God for His grace and mercy that came to you from the faithfulness of parents or grandparents. Recognize that this is a legacy that you should seek to pass along to your children or those younger in the faith. Beware of the temptations to be critical and judgmental of those who have lived in or still struggle with those sins you've never committed. You are not better than they are; you are simply better off because of the faithfulness of others. You were born on third.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 8:15 AM
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