Make Your Kids Sick


I LOVE making my kids sick. Before you call Child Services, hear me out. Here's an example of what I do. First, I get their attention. Then, I take my wife in my arms, and I plant a huge SMOOCH right on her lips! My kids go nuts. They cover their eyes and yell at me to, "Stop it!" which only instigates me to do it all the more.

Do you make your kids sick? As silly as it sounds, it is vital that children grow up watching mom and dad show affection to one another. We live in a world where the image of marriage is constantly under attack, and it is your job (if you are married) to show your kids a different story when it comes to love and affection. Far too many kids grow up without a positive view of marriage; so when they get older they attempt to experience marital benefits without getting married. You are giving them a vision for the future. Show them the kind of marriage they will want to work hard to find for themselves.

Most parents have no trouble loving on and showing affection to their kids. You play with them, hug them and kiss them. How about with your spouse? Has the stress of life squeezed out the affection from your marriage? Not only does your marriage need it, your kids need to see it! You marriage is literally a foundation that you loan your children to build their lives on until they become old enough and hopefully stable enough to launch out in life on their own. If your marriage is weak, your kids can feel it! As your love and affection suffers in your marriage, they cant help but wonder if they are next. Will you lose that love and affection for them? After all, they have lots of friends that watched a divorce shatter their family.

The impact of the simplest acts of affection between a husband and wife in front of their kids has immense value. Make the decision right now to initiate some affection with your spouse - don't wait, do it today!

Here are some ideas to make your kids sick...
1. Husbands, while your wife is doing dishes, surprise her by taking her in your arms and giving her a long and passionate kiss. Be careful she isn't washing the knives!
2. Wives, As your husband stand next to the counter flipping through the mail, wrap your arms around him from behind and lay your head on his back.
3. Husbands, as your wife passes you in the living room, reach out and "goose" her on her .....
4. Wives, with everyone gathered around watching TV, walk in and jump in your husband's lap.

What other ideas do you have?

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Posted by Andy Savage at 8:15 AM
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