Men and "UFOs"


The other day I received a random email from a friend that included a suspicious link. Guys, you know what I'm talking about. Somehow, my friend's email address was used to send me a link to some website that undoubtedly contained some kind of inappropriate images. Thankfully, I did NOT click.

Whether it be an email, on Facebook or via Twitter - you will get what I call a UFO, an "unidentified failure opportunity." Men, don't be foolish. Don't take the bait. These are serious threats to your purity, your relationship with your wife and your relationship with God. The moment you decide to live for God these UFOs will become a lot more obvious and a lot more frequent.

You will find that UFOs will come in the form of commercials on TV or even a racy scene in a show or movie. Your purity is too valuable to allow these opportunities to cause purity failure in your life. Change the channel, don't click or walk out of the movie. In my life, I've taken some steps to help stop UFOs.  

My wife is my ally in purity - she knows to change the channel when something inappropriate comes on. We check movie listings for content before even trying to go to a movie. It's better not to go than to debate in the moment whether or not to stay. Needless to say, we see very few movies. I don't click on emails or links that are not clearly identified. So, if you send me an email without a good subject line or explanation in the body, I'm not reading it. While I'm on the subject, I don't read cute stories or forwards that promise me stuff for reading or passing on to my list. On Facebook and Twitter, if you are inappropriate, I will unfriend you or unfollow you. In public settings, I will even dismiss myself if conversations become out of hand or if there is a lack of modesty.

All this being said, I will tell you that after years of taking these steps of purity, I have grown much stronger in my fight with UFOs. By no means am I free from danger, but I am far stronger than I was five or ten years ago. Now, much of my approach to purity is not based on a fear of failing but rather a genuine desire for my life to reflect Christ and to be filled with the things of God. I hope you will take up the fight against "unidentified failure opportunities!"

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Posted by Andy Savage at 8:15 AM
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