Social Media Guide for Highpoint Church

This post is intended specifically for the members and regulars of Highpoint Church, where I serve as Teaching Pastor. I've been thinking about the impact our church can have in our community and around the world. I think our people underestimate the influence they can have on the various social media outlets available today. There are tons of social media platforms available and i cannot address them all, but here is a list of ways you can use the more popular social media platforms to promote the Highpoint mission of "loving God, loving people and making disciples."  

  • Blogs: I am an active blogger. Obviously, you have found my blog since you are reading this entry. When you read a blog entry from me (, Chris Conlee ( *coming soon*) or Josh Maze ( *coming soon*) please take a moment to leave a comment and even promote it via your other social media platforms. Help others connect with this content. I have seen first hand the impact a single blog post can make in someone's life - please help that mission continue and expand.  
  • Use Twitter: If you aren't on Twitter, set up an account, it's free. Twitter is a powerful tool. I will try to simplify it for you. Twitter allows you to "follow" a variety of people that offer great advice and valuable insights, especially the many pastors and ministry leaders out there helping promote the Gospel and Biblical thought in the social media world. Twitter also allows you to follow Highpoint leaders such as Chris Conlee @chrisconlee, Josh Maze @goshmaze and myself @makesense. Through your following, re-tweeting and mentioning, God's word will go out farther then before.   
  • Use Twitter at church. We encourage you to tweet during services and even during the sermon! Don't worry we will NOT be offended if you are using your phone or tablet during the sermon!   
  • Don't forget the hashtags. By using a hashtag (#) followed by hpmemphis (#hpmemphis) you can include your tweets in a stream linking together all things HP.  
  • The Bible App: This app is a different sort of social media tool but it is one that goes hand-in-hand with what we're discussing here. Use this app to follow along in the scriptures as we teach sermons. You can take notes, post verses to Facebook or Twitter and read from many different versions.  
  • Highpoint apps: Highpoint now has two apps available in the iTunes App store and the Android Market. search: Highpoint Church and M28. These apps will help you interact with HP ministries even more! These apps are updated regularly with greater functionality and needed information for you.
  • Highpoint Website: is a one-stop source for everything you need to know at HP. If you are registering for an event - post that link to your Facebook wall encouraging others to attend or when you see a new series is starting announce that through social media outlets. As HP members and regulars please visit the website often.  
  • Highpoint Media: is where you find HP sermons and "Going Public" videos. If you were challenged by a sermon go to the media page and post the video to Facebook or Twitter. If you connected to a "Going Public" story post it as well. Help showcase God's word through the teaching ministry of HP and God's work through the "Going Public" videos!  
  • Use Facebook: Facebook is an undeniable reality of our society. There are literally millions of personal interactions everyday. I encourage you update your status at least once a week with a positive word about what is happening at Highpoint. Post something you learned from one of the messages or post a picture of some of your friends from church.  
  • LIKE us. While on Facebook take the time to "Like" the Highpoint fan page as well as relevant status updates and blog posts from HP staff.  
  • Google+ I'm still fairly unfamiliar with Google+ but it's the strongest new social media platform out there. As you learn this platform think about how you can help promote the mission of HP.

Obviously, this is NOT a comprehensive guide to social media but i'm hoping this gives you a vision and the steps to expand Highpoint's mission through social media. I pray God expands the ministry of our church in the same way our world is expanding through social media. Thanks for the many of you already doing this - you are making a difference!

What types of social media do you prefer? How do you use them to promote things you like?

Post your comments here.

Posted by Andy Savage at 8:15 AM
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