Ok, it's about time that I recognize the goodness that is YoLo. For the benefit of those NOT from the Memphis area, YoLo is a local dessert destination for frozen yogurt. Like you, I grew up with TCBY readily available, and TCBY deserves credit for introducing frozen yogurt to us. However, YoLo has taken the concept of frozen yogurt to the NEXT LEVEL.

You walk in and the decor is pleasant, the color scheme is calming, you can tell this place considered adults as well as children. It is clean and appealing. In order to acquire this legendary yogurt, you pick up a larger than necessary cup and begin to custom design and build your decadent creation. You have a handful of yogurt flavors to choose from. If you are just feeling crazy you can try them all, but for those with discriminating taste, you know better. You select a classic, like French Vanilla or Triple Chocolate. You may even strategize your experience in advance by visiting the YoLo website ( and familiarize yourself with "what's on tap" in the store near you. This is a wonderful service offered to the customer. It makes me feel like they understand that I want variety and the ability to know what I'm getting into before I come. Great idea!

Once you gather a healthy amount of frozen yogurt, your next stop is the topping station. This is not a mere eight or ten offerings. There were 83 toppings listed on their website, including special local toppings, only offered for a limited time. It is stunning! Again, go easy here. You can always come back. Discretion is advised. You want each bite to serve as the YoLo "thank you" for your patronage. After you have made your selections, you now hold in your hand a one of a kind masterpiece that is all yours to enjoy...that is after you pay.

Your cup is weighed and you pay by the ounce. Like most YoLo rookies, you will realize that you amassed nearly $15 worth of yogurt and toppings! Don't be alarmed, it's your first time, your were ambitions and overwhelmed. We understand. Don't complain. Pay the money. Hold your judgment for a few moments until that plastic spoon reaches your lips and you go on a roller coaster of flavors that convince you that you WILL be back.

YoLo is truly a genius idea. I love the business model and YoLo executes it extremely well. The product is good, and I have been more than satisfied every visit. If you have not tried it, give it a try. If you are a parent, take your kids and let them go crazy. This is my tribute to YoLo for the first edition of "stuff I like."

I would love to hear your thoughts on YoLo.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 8:15 AM
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