Giant Love

I am excited to announce the release of my first children's book on December 11th, 2011. Like most parents, I spend a good bit of time reading stories to my kids before bed.This book is one that I am praying parents will add to their collection because the life-changing truths contained in it are simple to understand and appeal to kids of all ages. 

Where it all started...
Several months ago, a handful of parents at my church, Highpoint Church, asked me to help them navigate the questions their kids were asking about God, Heaven, hell and what it means to trust in Jesus. I eagerly accepted the invitation! That fairly informal discussion became the genesis of the Giant Love book.

About the book...
Giant Love is a fully illustrated, 36-page book that tells the story of a little boy who faces the giants of Sin and Consequence. Along the way, the boy discovers that the "sin gang" only leaves him "broken and alone."  Things go from bad to worse as the boy faces the giant of Consequence. Just when all seems lost, the boy hears a noise and wonders if someone will save the day. At just the right time, another giant appears to save the boy from his giant problem. The boy finds himself in the safe and loving hands of the only Giant big enough to overcome the giants of Sin and Consequence. The story ends with the boy forever changed by the Giant Love of his new Friend.

This simple story paints the picture of the journey we all take in life. Each of us, just like the little boy, have been beaten up and left alone by our sin and must deal with the painful realities of the consequences; however, just like the boy, deserving of nothing but death, we have been radically saved by a God who loves us enough to break into our world to show us grace and mercy. This is the story that every child needs to hear. Every child needs to know that God is our Heavenly Father and He has given us His Giant Love through Jesus Christ.This book will engage your child's imagination while providing parents the tools to have the most important conversations in their child's life. As a parent, I want to be the one to help my kids understand God's love, and I know there are countless parents out there that want the same thing. I understand that there are many parents who what to talk about God, Jesus and Salvation with their child but feel intimidated, unworthy or unprepared.

This book is designed to address that problem. As you read this story to your child over and over, there will come a day when you know it's time to walk them through the "Understanding Giant Love" discussion guide in the back of the book. When that time comes, you will have everything you need in your hands!

My prayer is to see countless parents step into their God-given role as the primary spiritual leaders and role models for their children. I am praying that this book helps foster these conversations and gives parents confidence in this role.

A word to grandparents...
There is nothing quite like the love a grandparent has for their grandchildren. The years you have lived give you a unique perspective on what it means to take advantage of every day a parent has with their child. I encourage you make the investment and purchase the Giant Love book for your grandchildren. Your investment is one that can make an eternal difference.

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