Drive Thru Date Night

Have Fun Together.

Every marriage needs a good amount of fun. God wants your marriage to be fun. He designed marriage to be fun.

In my book, The Marriage Dashboard, I've identified five guages to help you check the overall "health" of your marriage, and the ability to Have Fun Together is the second guage.

One way that we at Highpoint Church have commited to help couples Have Fun Together is to offer Drive Thru Date Nights to couples at the church and in our city.

A Drive Thru Date Night is when you (and possibly another couple*) take one of our Roadmaps and go out on the town.

If you and your spouse are in need of a date night but don't want to simply go to dinner and a movie, download one of these Roadmaps and go Have Fun Together.

*Another guage on The Marriage Dashboard is Live in Community. We highly recommend using these cards as double date night opportunities! Every couple needs other couples who are just as committed to having strong, God-honoring marriages.


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