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The Same Page

Staying connected in the chaos. Nothing is more frustrating than to realize you are NOT on the same page in your marriage. Different views on in-laws, money, sex, home decor, major purchases, minor purchases, how to discipline the kids, hobbies, chores, social media…need I write more!? We all share the same basic expectation of marriage: that this new WE relationship feels more like WE and less like HE or SHE. But we are all human. We don’t communicate clearly. We seek to understand. Our... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 3/25/15
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Last night the couples of Highpoint Church embarked on the first ever "Drive-thru Date Night." What is a "drive-thru date night," you ask? We designed a unique FUN date night experience for couples. They simply drove through the church parking lot, picked up their instruction card and then proceeded to have a GREAT time having fun together!  See, I have a conviction about marriage...marriages get stronger when couples have fun together. There was no marriage sermon, no Bible study and... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 1/25/15
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The FUN Marriage

Have fun together. I’ve been teaching this marriage principle for years and consistently meet couples who describe their marriage as anything but fun. I’m not sure what or who is to blame for our lack of fun. Maybe it’s what happens to us as we get older. Maybe it’s the stress of ever increasing responsibility. Maybe newness of marriage is long gone and fun just seems out of reach. Still, it is hard to imagine a good marriage without the presence of at least some fun, laughter and... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 1/20/15
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How to Make a Mediocre Marriage

As a “marriage guy,” I’m far more concerned about mediocre marriages than I am the highly dysfunctional marriages.  At least major dysfunction is fairly easy to identify. A mediocre, boring marriage is like the frog in the kettle, it’s dying but nobody knows! So, if you want a mediocre marriage here’s how to make one. 1. Avoid conflict. Just keep the peace. Don’t stir the pot. When you are offended, bottle it up on the inside and tell yourself, “it’s no big deal, I’ll get... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 12/9/14
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Do not write your own marriage vows!

I do a lot of weddings. This unique privilege comes with the role of being a pastor. This privilege gives me a front row seat to what truly is an incredible work of God as “the two become one.” There is something inspiring to see love blossom into genuine commitment…at least that’s what should be happening.   Occasionally, I will meet with a couple to plan their wedding and they will arrive with the desire, and sometimes a written copy, of their own vows.... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 12/2/14
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5 ways to say "thank you" to your spouse

Unless you were married last Saturday, you probably take your marriage for granted. It is so easy to do. Life gets busy and you turn your attention to the fires that need to be put out instead of fanning the flames of marital romance. We can fall into the trap of being so close to our spouse that we forget the good thing we have. So, here are 5 ways you can say “thank you” to your spouse.   1. Eye contact. Stop and think about it, when is the last time you really... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 11/24/14
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