Playboy Magazine, My Birthday and Parenting for the Future

Playboy Magazine, My Birthday and Parenting for the Future
I read an insightful article from Relevant Magazine on the recent changes Playboy is making to REMOVE nudity from its magazine. To read why this is not as encouraging as it might seem, read the full article here.

What piqued my interest was the following quote… "In its hay-day, Playboy’s reach was insanely large. The Times report says in the ’70s, the magazine boasted a circulation of 5.6 million. And its best-selling issue (in 1972) sold more than 7 million copies. For context, only a few magazines claim those kinds of numbers today."

I am turning 40 in December of this year. I am a child of the ‘70s when, unbeknownst to me and my childhood, Playboy exploded in America then quickly around the world. Forty years later and porn is literally everywhere. The carnage in the wake of ubiquitous and seemingly endless depravity of pornography is astounding to say the least. Our collective consciousness is thoroughly seared. While I could rant and lament how far we’ve fallen, what if we asked a more pointed question, "What are we tolerating today that will grow into another global, demonic monster 40 years from now?"

Evil, injustice and immorality never self-corrects. We must intentionally and aggressively take a stand. It amazes me how many folks my age were never told one thing about sex from their parents, yet as this article proves, their parents were witnesses and likely participants in an unprecedented sexual revolution. Something doesn't make sense there. My parents' generation was devouring porn at alarming rates, yet had nothing to say to their kids about sex. Anyone wanna argue with me about the shameful effects of sexual immorality?

I don’t bring this up to heap judgment on my parents’ generation. I see myself doing this in my own parenting. There are social, moral and spiritual issues happening in our world today that I find myself saying nothing to my kids about. It’s like we are lulled into a coma of passivity and perhaps subconsciously think our kids will just figure things out. They won’t.

ISIS, sexual identity issues and racism all immediately come to my mind when I think about the world our kids are growing up in. We MUST take these things seriously. We have an opportunity to prepare and equip our kids for the cultural tidal waves of the next 40 years. If you are a Christian like me, you have the opportunity to fill them with the hope that only comes through the Gospel applied to life in an otherwise bleak and fearful future.

God, make us fearless parents!

Posted by Andy Savage at 2:50 PM
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