Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Last week, I endured one of the most challenging weeks in my ministry career. Most of it surrounded the tragic death of Jackson May, a one year old boy in our church. In addition, i was responsible for a weekend training event, a wedding, teaching two Sunday services and preparing for the kickoff of our Tuesday morning discipleship class. Needless to say, my schedule was thrown out of the window. I just had to get it all done.

Meanwhile back at the wife.
The often overlooked saints in ministry are the wives of pastors and leaders (for that matter, the wives of men everywhere!). Last week, my wife showed me again her understanding of my calling, my responsibilities and the nature of tragedy. All week, she absorbed my absence at home and took care of our kids and our house flawlessly. I was able to devote unusual time and energy to ministry needs because of her quiet commitment and support. Unlike many stories I have heard in my years of ministry of men whose wives who seemed to resent the ministry, my wife did not complain once, not once. She didn't even do that frustrated sigh that she does. Nothing!

Proverbs 18:22 says, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord." Last week,  I was reminded that I do have a "good wife" and have received "favor from the Lord." My wife's ministry to me and our children is just as valid and just as important as my ministry outside of the home. I get a lot of credit because i have a fairly public presence. But don't let the "lights, camera and action" fool you, Amanda is no less called, no less committed and no less Spirit led. I can't imagine my life without her. I don't tell her enough, but she is a God-send and I thank God for her.

I hope the husbands reading this blog will take time to recognize the unique ministry and giftedness of their wives. Tell them, honor them, support them. I also hope wives reading this will allow my wife to be an example of a good and godly wife for you.

I highly recommend you follow my wife on twitter @4savageboys - especially if you are a mom with kids!

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Posted by Andy Savage at 12:12 PM
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