Cooper Update: Blood, Sweat, Tears...and Edible Arrangements

God is answering prayers. Cooper is stable. His numbers are good, and we are enjoying a few minutes of peace in the CVICU (Cardio Vascular Intensive Care Unit).

Our concern when we got the word of infection was the presence of infection causing bacteria in Cooper's blood. This is measured by taking blood cultures each day and watching for bacteria to grow proving its presence. So far the blood cultures taken since starting antibiotics have come back negative for infection. This is a huge praise. A blood infection opens the door to a ton of unpleasant possibilities, which I prefer not to think about. As for today, Cooper's blood is clean. I'm tempted to highlight the spiritual parallels here, suffice it to say, clean blood is vital for human life and the remission of sin (Hebrews 9:22). Please continue praying for the infection in Cooper to be completely clear through this antibiotic treatment he is on.

"Don't sweat the small stuff." Good advice until your kid is in the hospital fighting for his life. We have faced a lot of disappointment and frustration the last few days. Cooper is only here because something went wrong. This type of complication is not the norm. His original surgery was routine and Cooper should be playing with his brothers at home tonight. We are doing our best to listen, learn and share our thoughts to make sure Cooper is treated with the best care. The stuff we are "sweating" and the stuff you can pray for is... 

  1. Cooper is still on a breathing tube. Each day he is on the tube, he is at risk for developing another infection or pneumonia. We hope to extubate tomorrow. 
  2. Cooper needs to get a PICC line or a Central Line in order to receive proper nutrition so he can heal faster. We aim to get that first thing tomorrow. 
  3. Cooper is extremely active. As he comes in and out of sedation and ultimately when he comes off the tube and wakes up he needs to remain CALM. This is nearly impossible to explain to him. His chest simply cannot take much abuse right now so please pray that he is calm and his chest remain safe and sound.

Yes, I lost it today. For a few hours we were getting a lot of technical talk, but no one was telling us the score. The dad in me needed to know the score. In a moment of fear and frustration, I cornered the nurse practitioner, whom I have grown to trust in all this, and he shot me straight. "We will win." That's what I needed to hear. That's when I lost it. I understood the treatment; I needed to know the if we were winning or losing part. By the way, for you medical professionals out there - shoot your patients straight, tell them the score! Nothing can prepare you for how you feel with your child is this sick. I suppose it's the curse of parenting (and grandparenting). The more you love and give to your children, the more you hurt for them. So, we cry, we pray, we lean on one another, and we fight. We challenge doctors. We pay attention and we fight for the well-being of our child...because that is what parents do.

Edible Arrangements®.
I never understood why anyone would send a perishable fruit flower arrangement...until today. Holy cantaloupe! First of all, the thing looks great. Lots of colors and grabs your attention when the deliver guy walks in. Secondly, the thing is made of good fruit, not the picked over stuff you find on Saturday night in the produce section of the Super Wal-Mart. Strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, pineapple and semi-sweet, chocolate covered strawberries...BOOM.  Lastly, its useful. The fruit is fresh and tasty and there is plenty to share with guests or hospital staff. Flowers are great and all, but flowers don't taste good. We will send an official thank you to the kind people who sent it, but wow, thank you!!

Thanks to all of you praying for Cooper. Please continue to pray. We need God's continued presence and hand at work.

Feel free to share your prayers, encouragements and comments to this post.

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