5 Years of Wisdom

My name is Cooper, and I cannot read, write or type; nevertheless I decided to write a blog :) Today is my birthday. I'm five. So, I though I'd pass along five life lessons I've learned in my five short years. I hope you enjoy!


1. Life ain't fair, be happy. You better learn this one early. Very little in life works out perfectly in your favor. In fact, just the other day, I had a an open heart surgery because I was born with a hole in my heart...unfair. The surgery went great...until I got an infection that almost killed me...unfair. For a few days there I had my poor parents pretty worried...also unfair. Why me? Who knows?! The bottom line is, we only discourage ourselves more when we think life has to be perfect for us to be happy. I choose to be happy anyway. I'm not always dad says I get, "grumpy." Life is just too short to keep score on how fair you think you are being treated. Life ain't fair, get over it. 

2. Always fight. I'm a fighter. I have to be. I was born with Down syndrome, so nothing comes easy for me. The first few weeks of my life wore me out! No one should have to have surgery the day after they are born, it ain't right!  It took me forever to learn to walk, but I did. Things my friends do that looked so easy, can be very hard for using a straw or putting on a coat. But I'm a fighter. I'm gonna catch up. Even my recent health issues have probably set me back in the short run, but I will fight, and I will overcome. Everyone needs to fight. Some people let their struggles get the best of them, and they give up. I say, "never give up!" I learned that from my mom and dad. They never give up on me. And trust me, I'm a handful!

3. No Excuses. I have Down syndrome, blah, blah, blah. Everyone has their excuse keeping them from success; keeping them from being all God wants them to be. I know you've got issues. Don't we all?! My parents refuse to let my "special needs" be an excuse for me not behaving right, learning what I need to learn and having the same bright future as everyone else. Excuses only create more space between where you are and where you want to be. What will it take for you to call out your excuses and kick them out of your life? What things or people in your life are waiting on you to stop making excuses? Maybe you need some people like my parents who won't let you make excuses!

4. Lovestrong. If some guy on a bicycle can have a bracelet with the word "Livestrong," I can have one that says, "Lovestrong!" Some people think I'm genetically created to love stronger than others. The truth is, love is a gift from God, and it's the only thing that works when all else fails. Love, according to the Bible, is the greatest thing we can give or receive. My life, if anything, is a story of love. I love people (especially my brothers), and people, lots of people, love me. I overheard my dad say that my mom has prayed my whole life that God would cause lots of people to love me and make my life a little easier. I guess they do, because sometimes my parents cry; they are so thankful of all the people who love me. One thing is for sure, real love is stronger than any offense or difference. You will never go wrong loving people, especially those other people forget about.

5. Trust God, question nurses. A lot of people give up on God when things don't go their way. It's easy to wonder why God allows certain things happen, but somehow in His wisdom He does. In my humble opinion, what choice do we have? Sure, you can let the circumstances destroy your faith, but then what do you have? I'll tell you, you will have a life dependent on your own abilities to manage the chaos. Faith in God just makes more sense. God understands the chaos in our world, and He ultimately solved every problem we face in life by offering us eternal life through Jesus. I think our biggest problem is trying to figure out how everything works in our lifetime. God never promised that. He does work out all things for good, but not always on our timeline. But make no mistake, ALL things work together for good for those who are called by God. Nurses, on the other hand, scare the Pull-Ups off of me! Every time they walk in the room, they wanna touch me, listen to my heart, hook me up to monitors and poke me with sharp objects. They always act nice too. Don't believe them, it's a facade. Don't trust the nurses.

I hope this brightens your day and helps you with whatever you are facing right now in your life. We all have a long way to go. Good thing God is with us.

Happy Birthday to me!

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