Parenting in Today's Culture

In our society and culture, it feels like we as parents are in a constant battle against the world when it comes to raising our kids. Because of this, we often times parent out of fear rather than faith. I asked Tim Kimmel about this in our interview in 2010. Watch this clip (2:54); Kimmel reminds us that while the dangers in our culture are real problems, they are not bigger than the God we serve.

Parenting is definitely a balancing act, which is exactly what the current Tightrope series that I am currently teaching is about. Part 3 of the series is now online. If you missed it or any other part of the series, watch here. Part 4 will continue the series this Sunday at Highpoint. Be sure to join us for the 9 or 10:45 service. Hopefully it will help you along the in the 7000days!

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Posted by Andy Savage at 2:12 PM
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