"Giant Love" Easter Giveaway

When I wrote and produced the Giant Love book, I could have never predicted the response. The first printing sold out in less than two weeks. God is using this unique resource to create an opportunity for the Gospel to reach the next generation in a way that makes sense to kids. I constantly pray that God will use this simple book to bring thousands of children, and even parents, to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. If you don't own a copy, please order your copy here. If you do own a copy, please help spread the word (repost this blog or send people directly to to get this book in the hands of a child.

Giant Love Easter Giveaway
As Easter 2012 is approaching, I have prayed for ways to expand the reach of this vital Gospel resource. The result of my prayers is what I’m calling the “Giant Love Easter Giveaway.”

Every church faces the reality that families will walk through the doors on Easter perhaps never to come again or maybe at Christmas or the following Easter. This means we as pastors, ministry leaders and volunteers have a small window to deliver the Gospel and see transformation. The “Giant Love Easter Giveaway” offers a way to make the most of this small window of opportunity. Imagine if every "Easter only" child receives the Giant Love book as a gift the one-day of the year they come to church. The simple gift of this book to a child means they walk away with a compelling Gospel resource in hand. The one thing we can count on is a parent reading stories to their kids. Giant Love puts the Gospel into a story perfect for kids! Better yet, a child will hear the Gospel through the loving voice their parents. There is no greater way we can partner with families that this!

Your Part. I’m asking churches across our city to commit to the “Giant Love Easter Giveaway” by pre-purchasing a minimum of 25 copies of Giant Love so every child that comes to your church for the first time on Easter Sunday goes home with the Gospel. We have discounted the price of the book dramatically to make this vision happen. This price is not available to the public but is dramatically less than retail. Churches are already getting on board with this and there is still time for you. Please contact us here ASAP to participate in the "Giant Love Easter Giveaway!" 

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