A Grandmother's Heart

This weekend (Mother's Day), we will be dedicating a number of children at Highpoint. I am so encouraged by the stories I hear of families adopting a 7000Days vision as they raise their kids. As parents, we don't have a lot of time, a mere 7000 days, to guide our kids in virtually every area of life, and most importantly, point them to the Lord. This week I received the following prayer from a grandmother who is unable to be present for her granddaughter's dedication. As you read this prayer, I hope you will be inspired by this example of a family that is blessed with multiple generations of people who love and follow the Lord Jesus. Never underestimate the seemingly small and mundane ways you live for the Lord, for the prayers you pray and the example you leave. If your kids have Christian grandparents, be grateful! If they do not, resolve in your heart now to one day give a Christian legacy to your grandchildren. Happy Mother's (and grandmother's) Day.




Dear Heavenly Father….

Thank you for my wonderful family, who is raising my granddaughter to grow toward a relationship with YOU. It is definitely a mother’s (and, grandmother’s) prayer come true. I ask you to give me many opportunities to be a witness for You. It is our privilege to lead my granddaughter to know who You are, and to want to serve You as her Lord and Savior. Thank you for this precious child, who brings joy to me.....just by being. My love and concern for her is huge and I know Your love for her tops even mine. I want to thank you ‘now’ for Your provision for her, in all that she does. Protect her….Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally, as she journeys toward a life of knowing You in a more personal way. Allow me the joy of being ‘ready, willing….and able’, to be there for her… as she grows up.Direct me appropriately, and keep me accountable for the witness I am to her. Thank you for this precious child…..who we will love, care for, guide, and direct…..with the full knowledge of who You are, and what You have done for her.


With my love and gratitude,




May 2012



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