The Word Project


You have #7000days to parent your child from crib to college. Our prayer is to help you be intentional as you train your child in the way he or she should go (Pr. 22:6). We believe this means we as parents need to be child specific and consistent in the training our kids receive. This is exactly why we have come up with the 7000days Word Project poster idea. Every child needs the clarity of knowing exactly what it looks like to grow. We believe leveraging the power of “less is more” to see your child make huge strides in their development. 
The goal is to identify a focal point for your child’s development for one year. This focal point should represent a key growth area for each individual child. The genius of this approach is in the simplicity. You will identify a single word, a simple definition that captures the developmental focal point for your child, and a Bible verse to create a link back to God’s word.
This word should be printed and mounted in their bedroom so the instruction is reinforced every day. As you see opportunity, be intentional to refer to this word and how it applies to a given situation or circumstance. We also encourage two additional steps to help further reinforce your child’s development in this area. Try to identify a gift that represents your child’s “word,” for a birthday or Christmas. Secondly, a few times a year try to schedule an experience you can share with your child to reinforce their “word” in a very tangible way. For instance, Andy’s son had the word “Hustle” so, for Christmas his “hustle” gift was a new pair of athletic shoes and his experience was a pair of tickets to a Memphis Grizzlies game. 
We pray that this simple project helps you make the most of your 7000days!
Please see the examples of 7000days Word Project posters by Meredith Smith Designs below.


To review over 35 word, definition and Bible verse ideas to help you get started, click here.




 Reaching  Reading
 High-Fiving  Jumping  On Scooter
 Standing  Running  Walking

 Pigtails  Spinning  Umbrella
 On Bike  Standing


 Orange  Lime Green  Blue
 Red  Violet Pink


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